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Well-Known Art Patron Baryn Futa Makes Artists His Quest

October 22, 2020

More than anything else, Baryn Futa is trying to create an art world in which all brilliant artists are appreciated enough to thrive, not just survive, if they do. He thinks that way because of his fervent belief that the arts benefits all of society. Baryn feels that being a profitable and useful investment is only a secondary benefit of supporting the arts; the art itself is the most important thing to consider.

Baryn Futa has been trying to learn everything he possibly cab about the art world because he feels it is the only way he can improve the situation as it stands. That is why he has established his own significant art collection; a collection that has grown to be very extensive and impressive and he loans his art to museums, in order to increase awareness of the arts. Baryn Futa hopes that, if more people can appreciate the arts the way he does, everyone will be better off. Since art is a critical communications tool, in which one generation speaks t a subsequent generation through art, keeping it alive is a critical way to keep in touch with our ancestors.